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Scotland is known for its adverse weather conditions, and whether we like it or not, that rain and snow can have a real negative effect on our family homes. Wall Coating Scotland team of expert painters whole aim is to help your property look it’s absolute best again.

At Wall Coating Scotland we use proPERLA masonry crème to ensure your new exterior paint job lasts with a product guarantee of up to 20 years.

This guarantee is more appreciated by customers we have spoken to who already had exterior painting completed in the past. If you think about for a second, every single day exterior walls withstand adverse weather conditions especially in Glasgow and the West of Scotland where we all know the weather is particularly harsh. Even new buildings can show signs of deterioration, conventional painting can quickly lose it’s protection against damage within 2 to 3 years.

Wall Coating Scotland only use proPERLA wall coating products which are made to last for at least 10 years and provides an immediate enhancement to your home or commercial premises. ProPerla is the industry-leading energy efficient wall coating insulation and once your work is complete you will see why!

“Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%, especially where cavity wall insulation has been installed. Porous building materials, such as natural stone and brick normally have good insulating properties as they have air-filled cavities, which offer low thermal conductivity, but only when they are dry.”

 Quote from ProPerla Wall Coating’s website.

Exterior Wall Coating, Exterior House Coating in Glasgow

We only use tried and tested accredited products…. Wall coatings have been used in Europe for over 35 years.
proPERLA coating products carry a guarantee period of 10-20 years.
Main Benefits
  • 20 times thicker than household paint.
  • Allow your walls to BREATHE keeping condensation, mold and dampness at bay.
  • Water resistant… keeping internal walls bone dry.
  • Thermally efficient… Saving YOU money on wasted energy costs.
  • Non-toxic biodegradable products… very green and good for the environment.
  • Maintains its texture and appearance for years.
  • Self Cleaning…. rainwater washes away any surface residue.
  • NO more maintenance….freeing up time and funds.

Very simple 2 day process….. No major upheaval

DAY ONE… preparation

DAY TWO….application

All our guarantees are transferable should you decide to move home in future.
SO if you would like to use a company WHO treat your HOME as if it was their own then please call 0808 164 5707…. or email your details for a quick response.

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