What Is Wall Coating?

Wall coating¬†is something you will maybe see companies talking about on Facebook or maybe your neighbours have had it done and be confused about what it is. It is used to treat the exterior of both domestic and commercial buildings, it is a specialist form of paint that has been designed to be incredibly durable and hardwearing. The reason it is so popular especially in Scotland is that many buildings were treated with roughcast which turns grey and unsightly very fast due to Scotland’s wet climate. When coming to renovate the exterior of your walls you have a number of options, paint your walls with masonry paint, which is cheaper than wall coating however doesn’t last as long and requires maintenance to keep from flaking and coming off, re-roughcasting which will look great when first done but as mentioned prior will tend to look jaded pretty quickly, then you have our favourite… protective wall coating, it is actually cheaper than it would cost to re-roughcast, it comes in a range of both primary and secondary colours and is backed by a manufacturer guarantee for 10 years.

What Is The Process?


When having your home coated with protective wall coating there is a thorough process put in place to make sure we achieve the best results possible, that also last the test of time.

  • Walls washed with a special antifungal wash, this takes any organic material off the walls (lichens, moss, dirt, algae or mould)
  • Roughcasting/rendering repairs done to the exterior walls, ensures a nice finish, coating over cracks or broken roughcast would lead to future problems or water ingress so it is important to take care at this point.
  • 2 x coats of protective wall coating, we use Properla or Britania wall coating which are the leading brands. The coating is sprayed on by specialist machinery to give a beautiful finish free or brush or stroke marks.
  • Area cleaned, our installation team will make sure they clean up properly behind themselves.
  • Completion survey, before leaving we will make sure you are satisfied with the work completed on your home or business, at this point our installation team will issue your warranty paperwork

What Are The Benefits Of Wall Coating?


  • maintenance-free (unlike painting your house with traditional masonry paint that will tend to flake off due to the poor climate and weather conditions in Scotland, Wall coating is maintenance free
  • sprayed on using specialist machinery which leaves a perfect finish without brush marks
  • guaranteed for 10 years (can last up to 20 years in non-marine environments)
  • insulates your home (recognised by the energy saving trust)
  • UV protected – pick any colour you want without fearing that it will end up looking tired and washed out
  • superhydrophobic (water will simply bead and run off walls)
  • the coating is breathable which is good for the health of your walls
  • self-cleaning (because water runs off walls, algae and mould will be unable to take hold of your walls)
  • cheaper than re-roughcasting your property

How Long Does It Take?


During spring and summer we along with other reputable companies offering roof and wall coating become incredibly busy so often there can be a waiting list for installations that can last anywhere from 2-8 weeks however once we start the process of treating your home, we will be complete within 2-3 days for an average house.

During Autumn & Winter we can offer installations within only a few weeks. This of course depends on the weather, we can’t apply the coating when it is raining.

What Colours Are Available?


We have a full range of colours to suit any taste, these come in primary and secondary options.

Primary colours will be used for the bulk of your walls whilst secondary colours are there to put your own unique touch on your home. Examples of how to use the secondary colours would be if you have bricks on the base of your house, windows sills, door canopies etc.

See our colour chart below for some inspiration.

Cotswold Stone

Devon Stone

Polar White