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Wall Coating Repair Gallery

Repair Gallery

Every week we speak to families across Scotland who are planning on having their exterior walls re-roughcast and believe this is the only solution for their walls because they have cracks or broken patches that are causing problems. Cracked or broken roughcast definitely needs to be addressed as long term you will end up with damp or worse yet water ingress but in most cases a full roughcast isn’t required. Wall coating can be as much as £20 per metre cheaper than roughcasting and will both solve your problems coming from cracked or broken patches but will also leave your home looking as good as new.

What is the process?

  1. Stage 1: We will thoroughly clean your home using an antifungal wash, this will remove any dirt, lichens, moss or loose pieces of your current exterior wall.
  2. Repairs: Our talented team will repair any cracks or broken patches to make your external walls structurally sound before we apply the coating. By doing this you are protected from future damp or water ingress.
  3. Preparation: To protect your home from overspray our team will take great care masking windows, doors and downpipes, this will ensure a top-class finish. Where necessary we will also use drop sheets to protect your garden and our installers will use spray shields to catch any overspray.
  4. The next stage is to spray your home with protective coating in a colour of your choice, we use high powered airless spray machines to apply an even coat free of brush marks you may notice if applied manually. We apply two coats for a perfect finish.

Save 25% On Wall Coating

Installations within 7-10 days