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An exterior wall coating and roughcasting company in Glasgow and Edinburgh serving North Lanarkshire.
Before roughcast removal in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire

Shown is another perfect example of exterior wall treatment alternatives were we removed some existing roughcasting, repaired and cleansed the walls and render and then applied thermal wall coating insulation as opposed to roughcasting. Wall Coating Scotland will provide you with all the options available to you and bring to life what you would prefer your home to look like.

After thermal wall coating in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire

What is external roughcasting insulation? Is it available in Cumbernauld & North Lanarkshire

Wall Coating Scotland are experts in all things relating to external/exterior wall and house treatments including external/exterior roughcasting. The exterior of your property is the first thing that people see, in terms of aesthetics it’s very easy to spot a house that has been treated using roughcasting or similar external insulation products. Installation and use of quality materials are paramount to successfully roughcast a house. You will feel a sense of pride when our work is completed and our external roughcast and rendering always gets strong feedback from our Cumbernauld & North Lanarkshire based customers.

“Work was done to a high standard, with considerable time spent ensuring nothing was missed.”
10/10 Verified Checkatrade Feedback Form,

Airdrie, North Lanarkshire

In short, the hies insurance backed guarantee protects homeowners should any installer they have hired cease trading.

*External Roughcasting is often known as pebble dashing or harling. Simply put, it’s the external stones and rough gravel that you will see in the outside walls of many homes in Airdrie, Coatbridge, Motherwell, Bellshill, Cumbernauld and across North Lanarkshire. Roughcasting is the most popular type of exterior wall treatment you will see on North Lanarkshire homes as it’s a more cost-effective option and if installed correctly it’s built to stand the test of time.
* Roughcasting Materials consist of cement, sand, smaller gravel, pebbles, shells plaster and lime. The mortar mix you use is the most important part of successfully roughcasting a wall or house. A little like wall coating spray, when roughcasting a house you should always cleanse your walls of any dirt, debris, mould and old paint. Harling which many Scots more commonly refer to roughcasting as (especially people from Edinburgh & Fife) is a form of roughcast which is made from lime and aggregate, Harling can be found on many of Scotland’s castle’s due to its long-lasting properties and lack of maintenance or painting requirements.
* Roughcasting a wall like wall coating and cladding is best carried out by professionals as it’s easier than you would think to get it wrong which can lead to further problems. The process again very similar to wall coating, consists of thorough preparation, allowing the walls to dry properly and then finishing the job with an inspection to make sure it has set properly.
Wall Coating Scotland only ever use tried and tested products which carry a guarantee for up to 20 years.
“Work to the house was carried out efficiently and professionally. Pure Eco Solutions team worked together making the process stress free. Really pleased with the finished job”
10/10 Verified Checkatrade Feedback Form

Cumbernauld Homeowner

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    If you would like to use a company who treat your home as if it was their own then please call 0330 460 9896 and we can start a dialogue. Although we can’t give an accurate price until we have surveyed the property we can still take some basic information such as the type and size of the house you live in and rough dimensions if you know them. This means we can provide you with a rough idea of costs on the telephone so there are no surprises when we provide you with an accurate quote after your home survey. All our guarantees are transferable should you decide to move home in future.

    Like all other exterior wall protection and wall renovation, when applying roughcasting preparation is key. We start by removing your old roughcasting, paint, cladding or pebble dashing surface and then begin cleansing the wall of any existing paint or debris. We then prepare a roughcasting coating using only premium sand, lime, gravel and other roughcasting products. The consistency of the mixture as well as using high-quality materials and applying them gradually over certain sections of your wall is crucial. This is the fundamentals for roughcasting preparation, it may sound basic however it’s fairly easy to get it wrong and then when you apply the materials you will be on the back foot.
    Wall Coating Scotland is a Glasgow and Edinburgh based company, most of our fitters are from the Glasgow and Edinburgh area with our offices located in both cities. Although we are based in Glasgow and Edinburgh we carry out exterior wall treatment and renovations in every town, city, and village in Scotland including regular work completed in Airdrie, Bellshill, Cumbernauld, Coatbridge, Kilsyth, Motherwell, Wishaw and across North Lanarkshire. ANYTHING relating to the exterior of a home, Wall Coating Scotland is your best choice and certainly, if you are looking in the North Lanarkshire area we are worth contacting for a competitive quote and high-quality work. Lots of customers we have complete roughcasting for said they were so glad to have found as especially after having numerous salespeople visit the house and call. Although we serve all of Scotland given we are based in the central belt most of our roughcasting work is in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ayrshire. Wall Coating Scotland DO NOT USE A HARD SELL APPROACH, we have experienced staff and veteran sales professionals which will be apparent when you contact us.

    Exterior Roughcasting

    Improve the look and feel of your home. New roughcasting can help insulation of your property by up to 50%.

    Service Guaranteed

    We take pride in providing the best service possible for our customers. We are proud members of Checkatrade and approved hies installers.

    Adverse Weather

    Scotland is known for its harsh weather conditions. Wall Coating Scotland can help your home get that new look and feel back.

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    Wall Coating & Roughcasting ideas in North Lanarkshire

    From speaking to our customers on completed jobs and surveys over the years we have found that when it comes to transforming the outside of people’s homes option is truly a beautiful thing. 

    Often it’s the case that people don’t exactly know what they want, other than something different, something brighter and more vibrant that will last for many years to come.

    Wall Coating Scotland have the expertise and manpower to consult with you on how best to treat the exterior of your house, as there is a never a one size fits all remedy for every house or family. Our team of highly experienced surveyors, wall coaters and roughcasters aim to provide insight and ideas as well as making any specific vision come to fruition. 

    Whether it’s rough cast, wet dash, dry dash, pebble dash, harling, external rendering or wall coating we can advise, explain and finish the job to a professional standard that you will be happy with!

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    We are available at any time of the day to give you our free estimation to give your home that weather-proof, longlasting covering that it needs.

    Signs your home needs Roughcasting or Re-Roughcasting

    There are several tell-tale signs that you need to have your roughcasting repaired more commonly known as re roughcasting. If the rough casting on your home is beginning to crumble there are several maintenance techniques you can apply before carrying out a complete repair. We would, however, warn you of any DIY jobs or anyone who is eager to start patching it up without checking if your home insurance covers it and wither or not it is really the best option long-term. Often it is the case that water can become trapped behind the render and then frozen which separates the render from the substrate. The best way to confirm if this is the case is to have professionals take a look, even it’s just a survey to establish what is causing the issue before deciding on the best action to take. Most plasterers will offer rendering services so finding someone that will isolate the problem is fairly easy. If it turns out this is what’s causing your roughcasting to crack you are left with two viable options, you can patch the area affected and the area surrounding it or you can have the whole area removed and replaced with a new external finish. The best course of action really depends on the size of the area that’s damaged, and of course, you will have a budget to consider as well. Budget or not, papering the cracks by carrying out some patching can often do more harm than good… Here’s a list of other signs your roughcasting needs repaired or replaced;

    • Expansion of brickwork which causes cracks in the exterior.
    • Visible erosion, this is often caused by a mixture of moisture and time.
    • Damage to the render, this is more visible most people will be able to tell there’s an issue just by looking.
    • Efflorescence (caused by poor masonry creme or mortar mix application) again most of the time this is a problem with aesthetics, however, if left for too long it can affect the structure of your building.
    • Structural damage, this is something that differs on a case by case basis.


    Our Roughcasting process & what happens next

    We have already mentioned above how important preparation is when carrying out roughcasting or any other exterior wall treatment. Heres a list of what you can expect from us from start to finish if you decide to choose Wall Coating Scotland to complete your homes roughcasting work;

    • It all starts with a phone call or complete a basic online web form.
    • We carry out a free survey offering a free, no obligation quote for you to consider.
    • You can select from various available dates for our fitters to being work.
    • Preparation day which involves laying down protective plastic sheets and scratch proof film to protect your property.
    • We erect scaffold if the job requires we do so.
    • Cleansing of your walls removing dirt and debris as well as carrying out any small repairs if required
    • Application of beading
    • The first coat of render is applied 
    • The second coat of render which has dry dashing and roughcasting chips mixed in with it
    • At the end of every job we complete a full property inspection, our owner likes to personally make sure you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our work and we always encourage your customer feedback to ensure we maintain our high standards.

    North Lanarkshire Roughcasting Service Area

    We are ready and able to install or repair roughcasting in Allanton, Annathill, Auchinloch, Banton, Bargeddie, Birkenshaw, Bogside, Bonkle, Calderbank, Caldercruix, Cardowan, Carfin, Carnbroe, Chapelhall, Chryston, Cleland, Croy, Cumbernauld, Dullatur, Forrestfield, Garrion Bridge, Gartcosh, Glenboig, Glenmavis, Greengairs, Hareshaw, Harthill, Holytown, Longriggend, Luggiebank, Millerston, Mollinsburn, Moodiesburn, Morningside (North Lanarkshire), Mossend, Muirhead, Murdostoun, Newarthill, Newhouse, Newmains, New Stevenston, Overtown, Plains, Queenzieburn, Ravenscraig, Riggend, Salsburgh, Shotts, Stand, Stepps, Tannochside, Viewpark, Wattston and all surrounding areas of North Lanarkshire.


    Cumbernauld Facts

    1. Cumbernauld is located right in the centre of the Scottish Central Belt and has a growing populous of over 52,000 people making it the largest town in North Lanarkshire and the 5th biggest town in Scotland. (the 10th biggest locality which includes cities)
    2. Much like East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire, Cumbernauld was designated as one of Scotland’s “new towns” back in the 1950s which has meant lots of continued building, expansion and development which is the result of the Cumbernauld that you can see today.
    3. The original Cumbernauld was a small village in the area, Cumbernauld village (formerly Condorrat village) which is an active area of Cumbernauld today known locally as simply “the village”.
    4. The towns name comes from the Gaelic “comar nan allt” which means “meeting of the waters” which exact the exact source and connection is a little ambiguous and up for some debate between a few different theories.

    Map of Cumbernauld Village, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire

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