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ProPERLA exterior coating and painting on commercial properties

Most business owners and companies in the hospitality and retail industries want to have the exterior of their commercial buildings looking impressive, with a perfect finish. The outside of your commercial premises is the first impression that you make with your customers, so be sure the make sure its a good one!

The big question is, do you stop to think of the kind of paint that you will use to ensure you get an all-in-one solution that will keep off the elements that cause fading and wearing off and thus leading to a high cost of maintenance in repairs and replacement. Before you, make the decision on the type of coating that you want to use for the hotel, restaurant, retailer’s or any new building, talk to a reliable company that deals with ProPERLA and be guided on how to use it to achieve the best results; durable, attractive and the most appealing on the exterior walls

Continue reading and see why you must invest in ProPERLA for perfect exterior coating and exterior painting results.

 Wall Coating Scotland only ever use tried and tested products which carry a guarantee for up to 20 years.

Commercial painting of this popular Ayrshire restaurant 

Before, during and after images of a restaurant we coated in Ayrshire

Painting / coating of this restaurant in Barrhead, Glasgow

Properla coatings
Properla coatings

Completed images of a recent coating job at The Waterfront Bar & Restaurant in Barrhead, Glasgow.

ProPERLA exterior coatings are tested and certified

Construction of a commercial building is not something you wake up one day and put it up on-site, nope. It’s a series of activities, right from casting the vision, planning and then implementation which involves several things including finishing. ProPERLA coating has been in the market ever since and many who have used it agree to the fact that this product has no match. It’s because of its uniqueness that the leading UK accrediting company UKAS and other accrediting companies the world over have tested and certified it as one of the best coatings you can ever have for your building exteriors. When using a tested and certified coating, you’re sure that it will give you results and this gives you confidence even as you invest some good money that you have value for it. Do not gamble when it comes to choosing exterior coatings and paints. ProPERLA has been tested for durability, water repellency, and breathability among other qualities.


With ProPERLA coating, your masonry can breathe and allows water particles through without affecting its quality. Thus, thermal conductivity and insulating properties are improved in a big way. This is a quality that is not found in any other coating or paint and thus when used on the exterior walls, you are sure that the harsh weather conditions won’t spoil it.

Heat loss on the external walls is reduced

If your home is not insulated, there will be heat loss and therefore you will need a lot more energy to keep your home at the right temperatures compared to one that is insulated. Whenever heat is pumped naturally or through an HVAC, it just disappears in minutes and thus you’ve to keep the machine running- quite expensive. To save on the heating cost, you must have a way of retaining heat and therefore you just need to have the machine running for some time and then the heat is retained in the space for a long time. Through ProPERLA coating, you have perfect insulation for your walls and therefore the heat loss is minimal. You can imagine how much you save by having this kind of coating on the exterior of your hotel or painting your newly built house. Thus, you save on bills, and the rooms are comfortable for the inhabitants. If you are renting, you can be sure that your property will attract troves of clients.

Keeps off damp and mold

ProPERLA coating repels water. With this, your brickwork is impenetrable by water elements. This ensures that the bricks remain dry which means that they always remain thermal efficient. Without this coating, the bricks become wet and heat loss is high. That would mean you have to keep pumping more heat to the building and it immediately disappears. You can imagine the electricity bills at the end of the month. Thus, investing in ProPERLA will ensure that you don’t incur such losses and your property’s exterior remains intact and warm. With this coating, water has no holding; when it rains or in case of frost, the water rolls off and thus the wall doesn’t get damp or wet. Without this, the walls would become wet and this results in the growth of molds, which lead to diseases and infections to the occupants. Again, the dampness and molds smell bad and thus making the place quite uncomfortable. It is also very expensive to remove or repair mold and dampness. Therefore, paying a little more for ProPERLA coating ensures that you don’t incur such expenses and your property inhabitants enjoy a good environment.

The ProPERLA application process is simple

If you have done, some finishing you know how disruptive it can be. The builders getting your way and sometimes you or your tenants have to vacate the place to give way for the work. This could mean loss of clients and therefore affect your revenues. With ProPERLA, the application process is quite simple and less disruptive. Immediately it is applied, it sinks into the masonry, dries off very fast and within fifteen minutes or so, the paintwork is invisible and your exterior property walls look perfect and insulated.

ProPERLA is durable, ideal for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire & Scottish Weather

No one wants to keep repairing and replacing their exterior coating and paint. If you have used some other paint and coating, you’ll agree to the fact that every other time, you have to keep repairing and doing replacements. This is not so with ProPERLA, it is such a coating that once applied by a professional, it can last for over twenty years before you think of a replacement.

If your commercial property is located in Scotland, durability and longevity are even more fundamental due to the adverse weather that the exterior walls will be exposed to. If you own a business in the likes of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire or any other towns or cities in Central Scotland, you must be vigilant to ensure you choose an “exterior painting” product that will stand the test of time. In other words don’t use exterior paint, it wont last! 

ProPERLA exterior wall coating is scientifically proven to withstand time, adverse weather & exposure to rain, dirt and other harsh elements.

ProPERLA may seem a bit more priced on the shelves compared to other brands. However, the durability, resistance to mold and mildew and the overall appearance among other qualities make it the perfect choice for you. Get this product from a recognized company and you will have no regrets. With this, you can relax and forget about applications of paints or coatings to your commercial building. Your home is insulated and will continue to repel dirt and water. Make the right choice today, contact a ProPERLA installer near you today and take advantage of the UK’s leading range exterior coating finish.

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