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Wall Coating Scotland

Transforming the exterior of homes and businesses across Ayrshire Glasgow and Edinburgh

What is wall coating?

Wall coating is a special protective material applied in two coats to the exterior of both domestic and commercial properties. It is superhydrophobic meaning water will bead and run off your walls. This superhydrophobic barrier makes your exterior walls self-cleaning as any dirt or debris will simply wash away the next time there is heavy rain.

Wall coating also helps reduce energy costs by making homes more energy efficient.  Water absorption into your walls is reduced by up to 93% which in turn greatly reduces heat loss through your walls making your home more energy efficient. This improvement in energy efficiency is recognised by the home energy trust.

Wall coating is available in a wide range of colours to choose from meaning you can give your long-lasting protection whilst having it match your taste.

Every year our amazing team transform hundreds of homes across the central belt of Scotland, if you would like to book a free home survey get in touch and we will let you know when we are next in your area.

Key Features

Self Cleaning

Wall coating creates a superhydrophobic layer on your exterior walls meaning water will bead and run off your walls. Due to this superhydrophobic layer your walls will become self cleaning and any dirt or debris will be unable to take hold and will wash off the next time there is heavy rain.

UV Protected

Wall coating comes with built-in UV protection meaning you can pick as bold a colour as you like without fearing it will become jaded and washed out after a short period of time. Check out our colour chart below or click here to see our gallery


Wall coating provides excellent protection against the harsh Scottish climate which is wet at the best of times, wall coating will help repel water whilst also remaining breathable to let moisture escape from the masonry which will stop any bubbling commonly associated with masonry paint.

Guaranteed Work

Wall coating is already one of the most attractive options when it comes to renovating the exterior of your home but the guarantee makes it a no-brainer. One full-year workmanship guarantee to make sure you are happy with the finish and then a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.


By reducing water absorption into your walls heat loss through your exterior walls is greatly reduced thus making your home more energy efficient. This is recognised by the home energy trust. Get a beautiful home transformation and make your home more energy efficient.

Maintenance Free

Unlike masonry paint wall coating won’t bubble or crack due to the weather which will free you of annual maintenance to upkeep the look of your property. Make the right choice and pick wall coating you won’t regret it.

Unbeatable Guarantee

Wall Coating comes with a 1-year workmanship guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer guarantee giving unbeatable protection. When you weigh up the costs and guarantee against either having your house painted or roughcast there is only one winner.

What colours are available?


Mineshaft Wall Coating Colour Sample

Mineshaft Grey

Pearl Grey Wall Coating

Pearl Grey

Oak Grey Wall Coating Colour Sample

Oak Grey


mild rose wall coating sample

Mild Rose

cream wall coating colour sample


White wall coating colour sample


egg shell wall coating colour sample

Egg Shell

Light Grey

Rustic beige wall coating colour sample

Rustic Beige

Rich Brown

Autumn Red

Ivory White

beige wall coating


Devon Stone

Devon Stone

cotswold cream

Cotswold Cream

Cotswold Stone

Cotswold Stone

Water Lilly

sage green wall coating

Sage Green

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Our Work

Why work with us?

As a business, our reputation is everything to us. Every single member of our team from sales to service and even the people behind the scenes care about their job and are passionate about giving our customers the very best experience possible when working with us. If you choose Wall Coating Scotland you will join thousands of delighted customers we have served over the years transforming their old-looking houses into shiny beautiful looking homes. You just need to read any of our kind reviews to see that we hold ourselves to high standards and that our customers are delighted with the finish of their wall coating. Book a free survey today and start the process of creating your dream home.

Great job kept us informed about when they were coming first for the pre-treatment and then for the wall coating. We were so pleased with the look and the finish we asked them to come back to do our garden wall

10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review

Superb job with outstanding results. Can’t recommend the team highly enough – both hard-working and conscientious. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything from initial contact with the company through to completion of the work was handled efficiently and professionally

10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review

Quick turnaround from point of enquiry through to completion of the job. Professional and polite installation team. Good attention to detail, really pleased with the work.



10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review

Great service from start to finish no hard sell all work competitively priced. Well what can I say the work was done on schedule to the highest standards the work was so tidy all the tricky area’s given extra care,apart from a TRANSFORMED HOUSE you would never no they had been here a very polite squad of men who clearly know what they are doing amazing I will recommend them to everyone thank you

10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review

Very happy with final job. Guys arrived on time, very professional, went out of their way to make sure we were happy with the final colours. House looks absolutely amazing, can’t believe the finished result. Would definitely recommend Wall Coating Scotland to anyone 
10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review


    Wall Coating FAQ’s

    What Is The Process?

    Transforming your home with protective wall coating is a comprehensive process which is why we can achieve such impressive home transformations.

    1. First, we clean the property thoroughly with an antifungal solution and pressure washer.  This will ensure any loose patches of the substrate are removed along with dirt, moss, algae, lichens or flaky paint.
    2. We will complete any necessary repair work. If you have any cracks or broken patches of roughcast our teams will make repairs to your external wall to ensure your walls are structurally sound before moving on to the coating. This is a vital step and will allow for long-term peace of mind knowing any potentially harmful problems are fixed, stopping water ingress and dampness.
    3. The next step is to prepare and take measures to stop any overspray. Wall coating can be messy if not completed by professionals, our teams will mask windows, door frames and any areas not being sprayed to make sure we are being as tidy as possible. The teams will also use drop cloths to protect garden paths etc and use spray shields to give sharp edges.
    4. The next step is to apply your coating in a colour of your choice. We use high-powered airless spray machines which allow us to deliver a beautiful professional finish free of stroke or brush marks.
    5. Once the job is complete and both coats of your protective wall coating are applied our teams will do a walk-around with the property owner to ensure satisfaction and complete any remedials whilst we are onsite. Once you are happy the job is signed off and you will be issued your guarantee once the balance is paid.
    Wall Coating Vs Masonry Paint

    Once you way up the costs and the benefits the clear winner is wall coating

    Masonry paint: Masonry paint is a shorter-term solution more suited to people with limited budgets or want to take on the work themselves as a diy’er. There are a few things you should consider when looking at masonry paint, it isn’t breathable so when moisture tries to escape from the masonry you will notice unsightly bubbles appearing on the surface of the paint. It will also start to flake and come off after 1-2 years and will in most cases need completely redone within 3-5 years, so when you weigh up the initial cost, time is taken for maintenance and then the cost of reapplying you would be better just investing in wall coating in the first place.

    Wall coating: Is guaranteed for 10 years and has a life expectancy of 20-25 years, it is 400% more flexible than paint and has amazing breathability properties meaning you won’t have any annual maintenance. It also has a superhydrophobic barrier meaning your walls are self-cleaning in the rain.

    read more about the different types of exterior renovation in our guide

    Wall Coating Vs Roughcast

    Roughcasting is a longer lasting solution than masonry paint however it is something that will still cause problems that require repairs and maintenance especially with the scottish climate meaning Wall coating is still the better choice.


    Roughcasting: One of the problems with roughcasting in scotland is that it doesn’t expand and contract with the weather which will in time cause cracks that will need repaired and if not repaired lead to water ingress and dampness. Safe installation also requires scaffolding around the property for the duration. The scottish weather can make roughcast become discoloured after only a few years eventually becoming grey and jaded. Roughcasting can also be very expensive often £10-25 more per square meter than wall coating.

    Wall Coating: Most people choose to renovate the exterior of their property because either they want to change the colour of their house or because they have worrying cracks or damaged patches. Our wall coating transformations fix all these issues all for less than roughcasting and comes backed by a 10 year guarantee.



    How Long Does It Take

    We are able to complete most domestic properties within 1-3 days depending on the weather. For commercial properties and businesses we understand how important it is work around you and cause minimal disruption get in touch and we can make a plan that suits both parties.

    Do You Need Scaffolding

    In most cases scaffolding won’t be required for a wall coating transformation, ladders will allow for safe installation. This is another reason wall coating can be considerably cheaper than roughcasting as there is no need for lengthy scaffolding hire.

    How Long Does It Last

    Wall coating has a 10-year guarantee however the life expectancy is 20-25 years meaning you will get to enjoy your beautiful looking home for years to come.

    Is There A Guarantee

    By choosing to work with wall coating scotland you are completely protected in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. We issue a massive 1 year workmanship guarantee for you to make sure you are satisfied with the installation of your wall coating. Beyond this our wall coating products are backed by a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

    Do You Have Any Offers?

    We always run seasonal offers and sales get in touch with our team to find out our latest offer.

    Can I Pay Monthly?

    Yes, we have a range of payment plans available allowing you to split your home transformation into manageable monthly payments. Choose from Buy now pay later or one of our other finance packages. If you are interested in finance let us know when making your enquiry so we can present our most up-to-date offers to you.

    What Areas Do You Cover?

    We cover most of mainland Scotland, our core operating area is the central belt of Scotland covering from Dumfries and Galloway and Ayrshire, across Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh over to Fife. Beyond that, we will quote for work further into the borders and Perthshire. For jobs further North it would be job dependent, we have completed work across Aberdeenshire in the past but it would need to be economically viable to do the job.